Friday, April 16, 2010

Someone's history

While Nathan and I were out hiking around yesterday, Nathan spotted something and called me over excitedly. Resting atop a prominence in the rimrock was this:

IMG_1543 copy

A stone tool lashed to a weathered wooden handle with strips of bark. I wonder who made this? Was it dropped by a Pauite indian as he stalked game down the canyon to water? Was it made by a sheepherder as he rested under the shade of the tree and lazily watched the flock graze during the heat of the day. Was it a hastily constructed toy during a children's game? The answer probably leans towards the latter as the blade is not made of a hard stone like jasper and though it takes a long time for wood to weather in this climate, I doubt it would hold up so long. But in all honesty, I don't know who made it and we left the blade there as we found it for the next person to ponder the exact same questions.

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Jarom said...

And Nathan said he never found anything...

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