Friday, April 9, 2010

Out on pasture

IMG_1441 copy

The chickens made their transition from the brooder to life out on pasture this week and they seem to be enjoying themselves. They run around, scratch in the dirt, chase bugs and lay in the sun - very happy chickens from what I can tell.

IMG_1435 copy

We are currently running two bottomless pasture pens with the laying birds in one pen and the meat birds the other. For this first week or so we have heat lamps in each pen and cover the pens at night to help the chicks acclimate to their new surroundings while they develop their last few feathers.

I adore the chickens but I think I was just as ready as they were for that little manure factory to head outside. This will also give me a few weeks to tidy up the sunroom and clean out the brooder for the next batch of baby chicks that arrive in a little over three weeks. Oh boy!

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