Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On the move

IMG_1606 copy

The pigs have finished their job of tilling the garden and are ready to move out to pasture. When we moved the pigs in, they were small enough to pick up and carry but now they weigh more than I do. Hogs are creatures of routine and don't really like to go places that are unfamiliar. We only needed to move them maybe 30 feet and then down a few stairs but we were prepared for the process to take a long time.

IMG_1609 copy

Luckily they were good pigs and moved right along the impromptu chute and towards the stairs. They were not big fans of the concrete though and had to be walked/carried the last few feet into the truck.

IMG_1625 copy

A short trip up the hill and a quick unload and they were very happy pigs roaming about on their new pasture.


Jarom said...

I notice you didn't use the bucket head technique that you were talking about Nathan...

Katia said...

We figured the move would be complicated enough without involving a bucket. We did have a backup plan B that involved beer - for the pigs, for the people, just better all around. Luckily the hogs were mostly cooperative with plan A.

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