Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We have been sick with a nasty cold type this last week and poor Nathan has a terrible cough. Lucky for him there is an abundance of mullein this time of year and one of the many uses for the plant is for coughs.

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Mullein is an introduced species from Europe that is now naturalized across the US. A biennial plant, in the first year it forms a basal rosette of fuzzy leaves and the second year sends up a yellow flower stalk.


A strong tea made from the leaves can be used as an expectorant and to sooth bronchitis and dry coughing. I didn't partake but Nathan said it helped loosen up his chest and ease his coughing fits.

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As a side note, another use for mullein's large, soft, fuzzy leaves? Nature's toilet paper...


Jarom said...

I could really use some mullein now... I have a cough I just can't seem to shake.

Jarom said...

Do you guys mind if the next time we come out that we harvest a bunch of mullein?

Katia said...

Most certainly! There are a couple large plants I have been spying recently. We'll collect a bunch and dry it.

Feel better :)

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