Monday, April 26, 2010

Headed home

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We walked the brood herd home today. There are two parcels at the York Place with the road separating the different pastures. Both gates are open so the cattle move about freely. Lloyd took the west side of the road and Nathan and I went to the east. We found half the herd just up the hill and they were ready to move. With no prodding from us, they raced down the hill and then just kept going across the west pasture. They probably heard Lloyd calling and headed that way or they just got on the cattle trail and kept going.

It was cute to watch them all head up the hill single file. Even better when Teardrop (the cow at the front of the line) kept stopping. When cattle are all strung out in a line, if one cow stops, everyone behind her halts as well. So Teardrop would stop and the whole line would bunch up. Then she would start and the line would stretch out. Very much like an inch worm crawling up the hill.

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We walked them home and sent them out to the pasture known as "Out South" (which is next to the equally descriptive "Up On Top"). The gals seem happy out on fresh pasture which looks quite lush this time of year since the recent rains really made the annual grasses take off.

While we walked them, we didn't notice any new calves which means we still have a few late calvers or dry cows in the herd. Later we will decide if we want to take them in to auction, to the butcher for grass fed ground beef or see what they do next year.

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