Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Face down in the mud

IMG_1568 copy

After spring rains when I look out in the garden, I hear the little voice of my darling mother in law, Teresa, lamenting, "oh no, poor little daffydil's got his little face down in the mud". Apparently these springtime flower rescues have been going on since she was a little girl. So now when I look out and see flowers faceplanting into the dirt, I can't help myself but go out and pick them in her honor.

Unfortunately, Beverly cultivated such a lovely variety of daffodils that I can't just rescue the fallen soldiers, I have to visit and appreciate each cluster flowers. I adore the daffodils - they were the first flowers Nathan ever brought me - and there are so many of them that I just can't help cutting a few to bring inside. Pretty soon I decide that I have enough and head inside to put them in a vase.

IMG_1594 copy

Ok maybe I was a little overzealous in my picking today (but there are still so many out there! I didn't even collect one of each type in bloom) but after all, flowers do lighten the mood. Where to put them though. I don't even have houseguests this weekend. I will just have to enjoy the flowers by myself.

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Jarom said...

I love daffodils because they are the first to come up in spring and herald in change.

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