Friday, March 19, 2010

Out to pasture


Big cattle shuffle day today. We loaded up the heifers that had already calved (5 of the 8) with their calves and trucked them over to Kirkbride where the rest of the herd was over the winter. Then we combined the heifers with the yearling herd and the brood herd and sent everybody off to pasture. The old brood cows know right where they are going and take off right away to the green grass. The new calves though don't know the area. Groups of 5 or 6 calves kept walking back up the road towards the hayshed and going through the fences and calling for mama who was now over several hills. There is not much sense in trying to herd calves back to the pasture. We just left them be and within a few hours the cows will remember they have a little one around here somewhere and go off looking for it.

Everyone seems pretty happy to be out on pasture which is good because even though the grass is just getting started, the weather has been and is going to be mild and well, we are out of hay. In a few weeks we will bring the whole herd back in for branding and then it is back out on the range.

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