Sunday, March 28, 2010

In the sunroom

I'm a little behind in getting my seedlings started this year but since I haven't finalized what exactly I plan on growing just yet, maybe that is OK.

I started some tomatoes and peppers last week in zipper bags with a damp paper towel. Since I am still making my way through the seed in the seedbox, (which is anywhere from two to twenty years old) I want to make sure that the seed at least germinates before I devote precious seedling tray space to something that may or may not come up.


The pepper seeds were ready to go so I divided them up and, with the help of fine-tipped tweezers, planted them in seedling trays. A light covering of sifted soil, a few spritzes from the water bottle, a label cut from an old milk jug, tucked in under a saran cover and placed on a warming tray and hopefully by week end I will seed some sprouts peeking from the soil.

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