Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Went in to the post office today and picked up our first delivery of chicks for the season. We ordered from a hatchery in the valley and they arrived today at noon so they were only 30 hours old when we picked them up. I ordered some more laying hens (25 birds) to boost egg production as well as a batch of meat birds (25 birds) and they all made it safe an sounds and the hatchery even tossed in a few extras just in case. It is kind of nice to have a variety of colors bouncing around in the brooder.


Most of the all yellow birds are the Cornish cross meat birds and the other colors are they laying hens.


This little one (hopefully a female, called a pullet since I paid extra for sexed chicks) is a light Brahma. She looks similar to the Cornish, being that yellow color we think of when we think of baby chicks but it has the fuzzy feet of Brahmas and will lay brown eggs.


This little one supposed to be an Ameraucana and will lay blue or green eggs. Possibly she is not a purebred Ameraucana but an "Easter Egger" chicken which is really just a crossbred mutt that carries the blue/green gene. Regardless, if she lays blue eggs that would be most excellent.

The pullets should start laying eggs in July and the meat birds will be ready for processing in May.

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