Thursday, March 25, 2010

Building fence

IMG_1029 copy
The crawler tractor holds the fence tight while Nathan staples the wire to the post

The last few weeks we have been constructing a new pasture area for the hogs that will give them more space to run and play and do all sorts of things that pigs like to do. The fence doesn't have to be very tall since they can't really jump up and over a fence. If we are interested in running cattle or other stock in this area in the future, we can always add a few strands of barbed wire at the top. Pigs are far more likely to escape through digging.

This design of this pasture fence has a string of barbed wire about three inches off the ground with a graduated woven wire fence above (smaller openings toward the ground with the holes widest at the top). In theory, if the pigs are rooting around and following a tasty root or just getting lost in digging a hole, they will run up against the barbed wire and be persuaded from continuing to pressure the fence. But, pigs are very smart creatures and if they want out, they will find a way. The grass is always greener so here's to hoping that they will be smitten with having so much space to run around, a big compost pile to snuffle about in, a place to wallow and a nice shelter to sleep in that they will be happy hogs.

Lloyd, Jake and Nathan finishing off a short reach of fence

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