Saturday, February 20, 2010

A trio of calves

Big day on the calf front today with Monocle, Amphetamine and Dirty Seven all calving.


Monocle's little bull calf wandered around and bedded himself down away from the shed while mama was eating and when we returned several hours later, he was still there in the same spot. Nathan picked up the little guy and brought him back over to Monocle who instantly seemed to remember "that's right I have a calf, I knew it was around here somewhere..."


When we first arrived to feed and check the herd, Amphetamine had just calved and was cleaning her all black heifer. She's a cute kind of snub-nosed calf like sister Margaret and has the same demeanor; she is very calm, stays close to mama, rarely moos and doesn't play much with the other calves.


Finally there is Dirty Seven. While we were feeding, we noticed that she was holding her tail up in the air like a big question mark (a sure sign that she is ready to calve). When we came back to check this little fuzzball was napping in the sunshine.


What a cute little heifer, and with the same markings as last year's steer calf.


Granted he is so snub-nosed compared to her, you would think she is half mule deer with that long face and legs. The grey coat will eventually fades to the tan color of mama.

We are off to a good start of the calving season with six calves on the ground in the first week: four heifers and two bulls. That's already 20% of the expected calves from the brood herd, not bad.

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