Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cattle shuffle


Today was a big cattle moving day. We needed to move the bred heifers from the Big Hay Shed to the barn so they will be closer to the house for nightly checks. First-calf heifers have the potential to run into calving problems and require outside assistance which means that we have to check on them every three hours through the night and well it is easier to shuffle down to the barnyard in your slippers than it is to drive up on the hill.


In preparation for the big shuffle, we brought down a big bale of hay to the feeder at the Little Hay Shed (the manger is currently under construction). The current residents were already lined up for the buffet but not everyone is staying here.


Then we picked up the 2009 season calves (replacement heifers and beef steers) and trucked them from the barn to the LHS. They did a great job loading and unloading, what good little calves!

Then we cut Dirty Seven and Molly out (they had been at the LHS infirmary the last few weeks for assorted ailments) and put the calves from the barn in with the tan steer.

Next we brought the brood herd down from the BHS to the LHS and sorted away the bred heifers to be loaded on the truck and taken back to the barn. Those girls loaded and unloaded like a dream as well, #55 just followed Nathan down the ramp. She's a keeper for sure!

I wish it was always this easy to shuffle the herd about. Most of the time, they are really good about it (unless you are trying to herd them back into the pasture where they jumped the fence to escape in the first place) but sometimes they can be pills about it and a simple task takes the better part of the day and is frustrating for all parties involved. Today we were finished by noon and went on to other projects on the never ending ranch chore list.

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