Monday, February 1, 2010

Calving season prep


Calving season is right around the corner for us with the main brood herd set to start calving on February 7th and the first-calf heifers on the 23rd. Most of the brood herd calve out with no issues but it never hurts to be prepared for the unexpected. The calving kit keeps all of our supplies together in one easily transportable container that can be tossed in a truck or hauled to the barn if we happen to need shoulder-length gloves to reposition a calf or chains to help with the delivery or just some towels to dry off the calf. For the most part though we let nature take its course and interfere only in circumstances that threaten the life of the cow, calf or both. Most of the time, we just go out to feed and find a new face at the hayshed like Butterfly our first calf of the 2009 calving season. Gosh she was cute; now she's almost as big as momma!

Butterfly only a few hours old

New calves will start showing up any day now and I am trying to contain my excitement. It is hard, but I'm trying.

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