Saturday, January 2, 2010

When the wind's a blowin'


This summer we decided we would chop our hay and blow it into the barn and hayshed. The bales are broken down into tiny pieces about three inches in length and then blown in to the barn where it makes a big hay pile. Come feeding time, we pitch out hay into the mangers until they are full and the cows (especially the older toothless ones) are fat and happy. Sounds simple enough but now add 40mph winds to the equation and this is what you get:


I now know exactly what Beverly means by "those times when you can only pitch out one side of the hayshed". I use the smaller of the two pitchforks and tend to feed out on the windy side. Consequently, about half of the hay blows off the fork before I get it to the manger and even then, the wind catches some of the hay in the manger and blows it back into the barn. It makes feeding a very time consuming chore.

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