Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ranch guests: Jarom and Rachel


The always delightful Jarom and Rachel came to visit this weekend. At our first big gathering we hosted out here at the ranch in summer 08 our buddy Jarom asked if he could bring his girlfriend Rachel along. Not only was she sweet, funny and smart, she wasn't afraid of clamoring down the canyon walls to Trout Creek, didn't bat an eye at rattlesnake and wasn't afraid to go dig around in the garden. She was ranch approved and apparently Jarom fancied her as well because those two got married last summer out at Silver Falls (though I was deathly ill in bed with "the swine flus").

Now they are frequent (and hopefully life-long) visitors of the ranch and we always look forward to spending time with them. They understand that this is a working ranch and are always willing to help from fixing fence to baling hay to just the day to day chores of feeding livestock or moving pipe.



Rachel and I did some planning over this dark, dreary weekend about what to plant in her garden next summer. Sorting through seed catalogs in the middle of January just make it seem as if spring is right around the corner. We also spent some time tidying up my garden and giving the pigs all sorts of garden scraps from pea vines to corn stalks. The pigs enjoyed the attention and new things to play with and destroy.



All in all, we had a great weekend together and are already looking forward to their next visit. I may have even "roped" them in to coming out for branding this spring. Har har. Those baby calves are pretty cute.

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