Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We've been planning for months and the pigs are finally here. Nathan brought home two pigs from another farm in Central Oregon yesterday and they are settling in nicely. Through the muddy season, we will keep the pigs penned in the garden where they can till the soil for spring planting and turn the compost pile. Then in the spring we will put them out on pasture where they have more space to roam and can forage for roots and tubers and other tasty things. By late spring they should be at market weight (~250 pounds) and be ready for processing.


The red pig is a gilt (female) and the spotty one is a barrow (castrated male). They weigh around 50 pounds, which is just about as big of a wiggly pig as one can easily carry. I've never had pigs before and these two are great fun to watch. They run and jump and chase each other, root around and make the cutest pig noises. When they sleep, they burrow down into the straw inside their pig house and all you see are two curly tails sticking out.

More pig posts to come, those two are irresistibly entertaining.

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