Friday, January 1, 2010

The new year

The new year is upon us and it feels wonderful. I woke up this morning to a clear blue sky and the sun peeking over the rimrock. It just feels like a great new start. Yesterday there was 6 inches of snow on the ground but you would never know it today. We drove the Jeep up to feed cows today and the light hitting the fields was exhiliaratingly beautiful. A flock of 50 or so migratory robins flitted along the fence line as we drove by only to land a few feet away and flush again as we got closer.

OK, so not everything is all happy music and cute woodland creatures but it was a nice treat to feel like the year is off to a good start.

The roads were a bit mucky today with all the snow melting so quick and I was glad we were in such a light 4WD vehicle lest we create giant ruts in the roads but I would graciously take a winter where it is 40 degrees like this and rains every couple days. By the time we got to the hayshed we had a good view of the black sky to the west and the wind had started to pick up which made pitching hay an interesting endeavor.

By afternoon we got all of our supplies together to bring in a calf with a leg injury that we have been monitoring, only to be hailed out literally the second we opened the gate to sort her away from the other calves. We got her in later and got the job done though.

All in all, I figure if these are the biggest of my problems for today, I am ready for the what the rest of the year has to offer.

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