Saturday, January 30, 2010



My favorite hen died today. She didn't even act ill, Nathan just found her on the floor of the coop. She was such a sweet bird. Most of the chickens go about their chicken business and pay no heed to the people unless we have food or are going to let them out of the coop but Glenda was different.

We had only recently become pals since we had that cold snap in December. As a light brahma breed, Glenda was well equipped for the cold; she was a heavy bird (about 10 pounds) and had feathered feet. So when all the other hens were huddled inside, she would be out wandering through the snow and we became buddies.

When she saw you heading towards the barnyard, she would run/waddle/fly/hop over to you to see if you had anything interesting. Sometimes I would give her a grub or a kibble or two of catfood. Glenda, with another light brahma named Mabel and a barred rock named Lucille were part of what we called the "Old Ladies Club". One of the frequent club antics involved racing over to Lloyd's house as soon as they were let out of the coop to see if there was any food in Zoe's dog dish. If there was, you could hear them gulping it down across the barnyard by the "tink, tink, tink" of their beaks hitting the metal dish. Then they would nonchalantly saunter back over to the flock with a very full crop.

Glenda and Lucille waiting patiently at the front door

Glenda would come up to visit the garden and scratch around for bugs and other tasty bites. If there was nothing of interest to her out there she would go to the plastic rug at the back door and pull off the blue plastic scrubbers until I came outside and gave her a crushed eggshell for calcium or some other treat.

What a sweet gal. When I order chicks this spring, I'm going to get more light brahmas. I can't replace Glenda but the I adore these gentle, stately birds.

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